Weight Loss


How Would You Like To Finally Lose Weight and Keep it Off Permanently?

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Customized weight loss plan, created for those who want to lose weight quickly. We have amazing medical professionals there to help you every step of the way. Our programs has helped tons of Las Vegas clients lose thousands of pounds. As a multi-disciplinary medical center, we not only do we have a medical directed program, but we also have excellent and transformational natural boosters to enhance and accelerate the weight loss.

No shots, no drugs that damage your heart, just a simple eating plan, our custom supplements and our state of the art boosters.

Is This Program Easy?

Yes and No. Patients like this better than other programs with shakes because these TASTE DELICIOUS. The eating guidelines are strict, but doable. Because of the strict guidelines, the results are incredible!The supplements really help with cravings!

If You Knew That Our Weight Loss Program Included 5 Supplements that…
  • Lower the risk of common cancers by 50%
  • Decrease the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 76%
  • Reduce the risk of retinal disease by 76%
  • Cut the risk of kidney disease by 50%
  • Reduce nerve complications by 60%
  • Ease most symptoms of existing Parkinson’s disease
  • Reduce the risk of 90% of birth defects- ensure developmental health of newborns
  • Lower the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Risk of coronary heart disease nearly 60% lower- prevention of first or second heart attacks,including sudden cardiac death
  • Protection against cardiac arrhythmia–improvement of heart attack variability
  • Ischemic heart disease 50% lower- support and protect the heart muscle, coronary circulation and all blood vessels against arteriosclerosis
  • Contribute to blood pressure maintenance
  • Totally eradicate Fibromyalgia
  • Ward off all inflammatory disease- Arthritis, Rheumatism, Lupus
  • Support anti-inflammatory balance in the brain, intestines, joints and all other organs Assist with weight maintenance
  • Help alleviate depression and calm manic activity
  • Improve skin quality- collagen and elastin
  • Stop the acceleration of brain decline and progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s- 80% allow for efficient conduction of the electrical stimuli and for overall high efficiency of the brain
  • Help with developmental disorders such as ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia’s, as well as potentially helping autistic kids
  • Effectively help manage mood disorders: clinical depression, manic depression (bipolar disorder) and to a lesser extent, schizophrenia
  • Ability to stay energetic, positive and balanced to deal with stress
  • Help with PMS and hormonal imbalance issues
  • Help prevent Osteoporosis

Do You Feel That This Would Be Important Not Only to Your Life,

But the Lives of All Those Who Love You???