Electro Body Sculpting

Electro Body Sculpting offers a Non-Physical Full Body workout!

Electro Body Sculpting allows you to target specific area, resulting in body sculpting by using contact electrodes.

The electrodes deliver waves of pulses with a repetitive variable pulse frequency to specific targeted areas to sculpt and reshape the body. These pulse waves produce rhythmic and powerful muscle contractions that result in both muscle tightening and fat reduction. This passive exercise of the targetd muscle groups breaks down adipose tissue while and increases blood circulation, resulting in localized tissue reduction.

Recommended Treatment: One (1) hour session, 2 to 4 times per week based on your desired results.

Electro Body Sculpting is a doctor recommended therapy (FDA approved equipment) with no side effects.

You can eliminate those "hard to reduce trouble spots" and create the body you always wanted with the Electro Body Sculpting program.

Each treatment takes place in your own private room where you simply lie down, relax, enjoy soft music, and let the Electro Body Sculpting do all of the work for you.