Luminis at Valhalla Med Spa Las Vegas

There’s only one The benefits that go below the surface The advanced LUMINIS Weight Loss/Body Sculpting System 10,000+ Red/Blue/Infrared LEDs The LUMINIS advanced toning and slimming program is the ultimate in non-invasive body contouring. The light emitted safely stimulates the release of fatty acids within the fat cells. 630 nm and 880 nm of light…
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From 1 million beauty tips

Typically, you get unsightly bags under your eyes because of a poor night’s rest. Sometimes, however, you still find them there even after sleeping for 8 full hours. There are other causes for eye bags. They are signs that you are exhausted, you may have consumed too much caffeine, you’re stressed, or that you could…
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Weight Loss and Wellness Testimonial

"I am a stubborn man. I have most often done things my way and lived with the consequences. Six months ado at the request of my wife I agreed to go with her to a Cellular Healing health seminar sponsored by Valhalla Wellness and Medical Center. I suffer from an auto accident and have been…
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